From the President


It is mid summer and winter has barely left the high country.  I live in Summit Countyand have a dog who works avalanche rescue for Copper Mountain Ski Resort during the ski season.  We have seen our share of snow this winter but  recently, with nine other SARDOC handlers, I traveled to Pueblo (warm and dry) for a water training with visiting handlers (Marty Williams and Stacie Burkhardt) from Alaska.  It was a great learning experience all around.  Not only did we have the guidance of visiting handlers, but also the willingness of the Pueblo Dive team to support our training needs.  This mutual cooperation with trainings help all involved.  As a SARDOC dog handler, training days happen year round.

It's new beginnings for SARDOC trainee, "Tripp!"

SARDOC handlers are split into regional groups and train within those groups.  As time and money allow, we travel to other regions to train with others.  These days; with gas prices and economic woes, traveling can be tough but most members make a great effort to join in with SARDOC members statewide.  Members know that it is important to experience new areas, new subjects, new ideas and have contact with handlers who have knowledge to share.

SARDOC has a variety of trainings to experience this summer.  We have trainings focusing on water, HRD, urban, wilderness (both air scent and trailing) and have trainers from other areas offering weekend seminars in the above disciplines.  I feel it is very beneficial to expose your dog to different aspects of the search world.

Kurt briefs the team at a SARDOC weekend

SARDOC hopes that this newsletter piques your interest in search dog teams  and gives you an understanding of the uses for dog teams.  Dog teams are available for mutual aid calls and are more than willing to respond if at all possible.  Please make note of our contact information and do not hesitate to call if a dog assist is needed.  It is also possible to contact a SARDOC coordinator and ask whether your needs fit the criteria for a dog search.  There is never a charge for the use of SARDOC K9 teams.

Thanks again to Marty and Stacie and the Pueblo Dive Team for their time and willingness to help make the Pueblo water training a success.


Andrea Reller

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